7 Morning Meditations - a different meditation for each day of the week


  • Do you feel exhausted and frazzled in the morning?
  • Do you like the idea of a morning routine, but it never sticks?
  • Do you want to read scripture and have a quiet time with God in the morning, but something else always pulls at your attention? 

  • Do you struggle to sit in silence and spend time with God? 

  • Does your mind wander and you get frustrated or bored when you try? 

  • Do you feel guilty that you don’t spend “enough” time reading your Bible? 


I’m here to help! I’ve created exactly what I wish I had years ago to spend time in God’s presence. These meditations make it as easy as possible for you to spend time soaking in God’s life-giving Word, and to spend time in stillness being loved by him. 


All you have to do is press play! 


What you get in each morning meditation:  


  • Short prayers
  • A journaling prompt
  • Guided gratitude with scripture
  • Guided relaxation and breathing
  • 7 scripture meditations on the theme of rest
  • Each meditation is 12 - 14 minutes long
  • A different scripture passage for each day of the week
  • Each day is customized to guide you through your week
  • Reflection questions to set intentions for your day
  • Time in stillness to rest and be loved by God

Work from Rest: Morning Scripture Meditations for Moms