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Relaxing scripture meditations

for exhausted Christian moms 

You know the power and importance of starting your day with God, but you're too exhausted to focus. 

I've made it easy for you! Even when you're tired because the baby kept you up last night, all you have to do is PRESS PLAY.


These guided scripture meditations take the struggle out of sticking to your morning time with God. I wish I had these years ago when I was suffering from burnout and felt too tired to start my day in God's Word.

Grace Rehman

"With Christine’s calming voice, the scripture meditations help lead you into “breathing in” the Word of God. I thoroughly enjoyed the journaling component because it guided me to think deeper about the Bible verses. This would be beneficial for those who desire to quiet their hearts every morning with an expectation to hear from the Lord because He will speak through these scripture meditations!"

Amanda K.

"These meditations are a great way to start the day! Connected & focused time spent with God. Beginning the day with a moment of silence to hear from the Lord is life-changing."

Hydrangea Flowers
  • Are you burnt out?

  • Do you feel exhausted and frazzled in the morning? 

  • Do you like the idea of a morning routine, but you never stick to it? 

  • Do you hit the ground running with your kids, taking no time for yourself? 

  • Do you struggle to sit in silence and spend time with God? 

  • Does your mind wander and you get frustrated or bored when you try reading scripture? 


I've created these meditations with you in mind! 

  • Establish the powerful habit of spending time with the Lord in the morning

  • No more struggling with a lack of willpower to stick to your devotional - all you have to do is press play! 

  • Begin your day from a place of true rest in God's presence

  • Each meditation contains scripture, prayer, and silence with God

  • 7 meditations to guide you through your week

  • Intentionally designed to be listened to over and over for as many weeks as you need

Pink Envelopes

What's included in your 7 scripture

morning meditations...

  • A different meditation for each day of the week

  • Short prayers

  • A journaling prompt

  • Guided gratitude with scripture

  • Guided relaxation and breathing

  • A different rest-themed scripture each day 

  • A guided meditation for one day of rest (Sabbath or the Lord's Day)

  • Each meditation is 12 - 14 minutes long

  • Reflection questions to set intentions for your day

  • Time in stillness to rest and be loved by God

  • A PDF guide for how to get the most out of these meditations

  • A printable checklist for a 4 week challenge to make morning scripture meditations a habit

  • A PDF with a brief explanation on why Sabbath is biblical

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